Digital Marketing Consultancy

Here are some work samples grouped by business objective.
Thought Leadership Campaigns (educate, inspire and share best practices)
SAP: Information Workplace Thought Leadership Campaign
KPMG: eGovernment Digital Transformation Thought Leadership Program
MasterCard: Award-winning, credit card anti-fraud advocacy program, 'The MasterCard Answer Kit' targeted to travel agents consisting of trade ads, featured articles, booklets, videos, instructional guides and speaking tours.
MetLife: Award-winning, consumer education program, 'The Road to Retirement Security' to educate readers on Income Annunities including online ads, articles, video testimonials, consumer guide and online assessment tool.
Brand Programs (achieve brand prominence and build brand loyalty)
Acquisition and Cyber Risk Advocacy (generate leads, drive new business, regain sales and manage cyber risk)
Lead Nurture and Retention (cultivate customer relationships and reward loyalty)
PwC: Impacted global brand awareness and preference gains with the PwC Brand Story Program announcing the merger of Pricewaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand firms.
TradeCard: Built brand presence for TradeCard among the global trade community as part of a new product launch for the World Trade Centers Association Services.
DQT Theatre: Raised brand exposure for the DQT community theatre through the web, social and email outreach resulting in accelerated fundraising velocity and increased donation levels.
Community Management (build relationships and engagement on web, blogs and social channels)
SAP Services Community Portal targeted to U.S. marketing professionals. This prototype consisted of educational content, user interaction (polling, gaming/contests) and user generated content. Pilot effective in information immersion and approved for rollout.
Coopers & Lybrand: Doubled community engagement among global practice leaders on the C&L Country Desk Program with content repository, information exchanges and discussion boards .
IBM: Build deeper engagement among key constituent groups of the IBM CMO Insights Community (CIO, COO), leveraged portal for data capture and facilitated dialog through social sharing.
KPMG: TaxWatch website redesign and content development
NYU: Campus Life Community site redesign and content development with mobile integration.
MetLife: Retirement Income Annuity Portal
Bid Your Ad Space online media marketplace website
Customer Engagement and Web Development (improve customer experience and optimize web performance)
KPMG-Cisco Alliance: Deepen relationships among existing C-suite buyers of KPMG services for lead nurture on new offering, Internet transformation technologies.
MasterCard: Introduced Travel Benefits Merchant Program to provide incentives to merchants to accept MasterCard and increase transaction volume.
KPMG: Smarter Government program to deepen relationships among state and local government agency buyers interested in Internet and online self-service solutions.
MasterCard: Award-winning, family travel destination program to reward cardholder loyalty with deep discounts at local hotels, car rental, restaurants, and attractions. Pilot programs in San Diego, San Antonio and Copper Mountain lead to national rollout.
MasterCard: Raised acceptance among merchant s and card use among consumers with the MasterCard Cash Program (Australia).
MetLife: Increased qualified marketing leads pipeline for MetLife Retirement Income Annuities with the "Meet Life' Campaign targeted to more affluent, pre-retired Boomers
Cablevision: Regained business with winback sales and up-sell of premium, on-demand and DVR services among former subscribers of Cablevision Optimum services.
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Writing (individual assignments to write/edit copy for  white papers, educational guides, enewsletters, blogs, social media style guides, playbooks, etc.)
Capgemini BIM Quality Data Advantage white paper series
WebreDesigns Guide to eNewsletters, an approach to enewsletter planning and development.
HeartTracker enewsletter series targeted to patients and cardiologists educating users on the merits of clinical and business intelligence solutions (electronic health diagnostics software).