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Design experience strategies for the channel and context that delivers a high impact customer experience—the perception people have of their interactions with your brand—to keep them coming back again and again. Often a brand differentiator for brand and ecommerce web sites.
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We provide a variety of custom digital services including:
Create and publish custom content to provide valuable information or entertainment, influence conversion or purchase and drive customer acquisition or retention. Design for single use or syndication across channels (direct, digital, mobile, social). Content presented in a variety of media, including print, video, white papers, ebooks, infographics, case studies, instructional how-to's, photos and interactive gaming.
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Leverage customer research, technologies and automated platforms to build online ROI models with metrics. Interpret data and build visual funnels for easily consumable customer insights and informed decision making.
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Program Management
Manage all aspects of a web project, marketing campaign or customer engagement program from initiation, planning, execution to monitor & control and close.  Waterfall and agile methodologies used. Collaborate with on-premise or offsite teams to ensure that the overall objectives of the assignment are achieved with the participation of the team. 
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Our focus at is on the one thing our clients care about most:
delighting customers and driving sales
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Web Development Planning and High-Level Design
Plan development of web project starting with goals and objectives discussion with client team. Can include these activities: facilitate ideation sessions (brainstorming); conduct web site evaluations (for redesign projects); develop user personas and use cases; outline features/unfeatures list and spec out concepts for project scoping; create wireframes (static outlines of web pages) or mockups (create web pages in Photoshop using stock photos and placeholder graphics); build information architecture (site map of website, nomenclature and taxonomy); produce prototype (working web site on testing server) and create prototype test scripts (user, browser and security testing).
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